What’s The Difference? How One Phrase is Undermining Your Marketing Efforts

“The right team makes all the difference.”

“Choosing ABC Bank makes the difference.”

“The difference is in our approach.”

We’ve all heard this, right? Quick. Check your marketing materials. How many times do you tell people that something about you makes “the difference?” I bet you’ve said it at least once, if not ten times. It’s a pretty common line in marketing. And businesses like to believe it’s true.

But what, exactly, is “the difference?”

It’s an abstract concept that really doesn’t tell your audience, your prospects, or your customers what you do, how you solve their problems, or how you’re better than the other guys.

Instead, try a more novel approach: Tell people exactly why you are different.

If you’re a painting company and you guarantee the customer won’t find a single drip when you’re done or they get their money back – just say so. You don’t have to say, “Attention to detail makes all the difference.” They don’t care because it literally means nothing. They care that you don’t drip or it’s free. THAT is a difference.

If you sell office furniture and you have a 20 year warranty on all conference room tables (please give me a call), just say that. THAT sets you apart. (And seriously, call me. I need a table.)

Besides, if  you and your competitors are all running around saying they are “different” then really, you’re all the same. So take a step out in front of your competitors and make the change. Show people how you’re different; don’t just say that you are.


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